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Sinful NOTD Past November 20, 2009

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Hi there!! Today I have a Sinful glitter that I layered over a black creme. I think the looks so cool. =] The glitter is Hottie, blue and holo glitter in a (very) sheer blue base. I used two coats.



Too much blur??:


Please excuse the chips.=] This held up pretty weel. It was Heck to take off, with felt. I don’t use pure acetone, though.


If anyone is going to place an order with the Supply Store that had this TC, could you please shoot me an E-mail?? I would like to buy the TC, but don’t want to spend $25. =] itwasu @ gmail.com


Also, Painted Lady Fingers is doing a contest that I forgot in my last post.. Sorry!=] She is giving away Migi Nail Art Pens in the Gold kit. =]





Giveaways and X-mas Exchange!!=] November 18, 2009

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I am just now getting around to blogging about my Exchange exprince, sorry for my lazyiness…=] I had Pamela from Nail E-Glance. You can read about that Here.

Laine from Lacquer Laine sent me this::

I love these Colors!!!!!!!=] Thanks sooooooo much for them. I have used them both, but they both chipped way to badly before I could grab a good pic. =[

Give Away round up::

Konadomania is doing a 100 followers give away. For some reason my finger don’t like the word “followers’. I did it again. =] Thank God for SpellCheck. Anyway, Here are the detials::

So you can get:

– 2 S-HE POLISHES of your colour choice
– 2 ESSENCE POLISHES of your colour choice
– some other stuff which I’ll add during the giveaway, but most probably some local sweets or so, typical of my country, something like Gorenjka


Hope you like the content of the giveaway, as I’m a bit short on money these days:)

Sounds Fun, huh??


Kellie Gonzo is also doing a give away. She is giving away::

prize = 5 nail polishes: Icing Cocoa, NYC Nail Glossies #219, Color Club Black-ish, OPI You’re a Doll, and NYC New York Canal Street
That’s all for today!!



Zoya Nova November 1, 2009

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I’ll admit-this is my favorite of the two I have from Zoya. I thought I would like Luna more, but The just has so much depth. My mom says it is remanent of Dorothy’s red slippers, but pink. I may have to get me a bottle of that. =] Anyway, this has a semi-sheer magenta base with light and dark pink glitter, its reaalllly pretty. I used three coats and two base coats. I don’t care if polish has texture or not, so only one coats of tc. Excuse the tips, I wore this for almost a week and had to fill in a couple chips. It has very good wear.




Love this!!! My other pics of this got lost. 3 coats. Not too bad to take off with felt. I could barely cut it though. Ended up just ripping it to pieces. LOL=]I think this is something I’ll layer with in the future.  Halloween was good, ended up being Mario. Got lots of candy. =]





Kaitlyn, Casey, Nicole, Me


Katie and Casey were Vampire things, Nicole was a Mexican(She had yet to get into her costume, it was hilarious) And I was Mario.


I have Homework to finish now, Bye!!