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Zoya Nova November 1, 2009

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I’ll admit-this is my favorite of the two I have from Zoya. I thought I would like Luna more, but The just has so much depth. My mom says it is remanent of Dorothy’s red slippers, but pink. I may have to get me a bottle of that. =] Anyway, this has a semi-sheer magenta base with light and dark pink glitter, its reaalllly pretty. I used three coats and two base coats. I don’t care if polish has texture or not, so only one coats of tc. Excuse the tips, I wore this for almost a week and had to fill in a couple chips. It has very good wear.




Love this!!! My other pics of this got lost. 3 coats. Not too bad to take off with felt. I could barely cut it though. Ended up just ripping it to pieces. LOL=]I think this is something I’ll layer with in the future.  Halloween was good, ended up being Mario. Got lots of candy. =]





Kaitlyn, Casey, Nicole, Me


Katie and Casey were Vampire things, Nicole was a Mexican(She had yet to get into her costume, it was hilarious) And I was Mario.


I have Homework to finish now, Bye!!





2 Responses to “Zoya Nova”

  1. beautyjudy Says:

    OMG I love the Mario costume! Looks like you all had fun! That’s a pretty glitter, too. I like Luna, too!

    • Annabelle Says:

      Thanks, It ended up being a last minute change form Axel, becuase my hair won’t stick straight out. =] I do Nintedo rewards thing and I got the hat just a week before Halloween.

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